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Insomnia Disorder Treatment

When was the last time you sleep so deep and peaceful... When was the last time you wake up with a smiling face that reflects the fact that, you slept in a trustable hands like you were surrounded with trustable people?

The moment we open our eyes into this world, we have started to observe people who are around us. Sometimes we feel so relax and comfortable at the places that are surrounded by people who look like our family because of their good intention, although we do not know so many things about them. Because of the energy we get from them, we feel so secure. When we are surrounded by this kind of people, who we hundred percent sure that if anaything goes bad, and we do not have anything to solve it, they do what ever it takes to make us feel secure and comfortable. When we always focus to these kind of people and cases that make us to feel so relax and secure, it is almost impossible for us to have a insomnia problem. Because we feel something so strong and good from them that feed our psychology of security need.

Life goes as the way it has to pass, sometimes we like the way it goes, but sometimes we do not.  If we are not happy about it's way of passing through, we might feel unsecure, and also with some negative experiences we had or having in our lifes, we might feel so unsecure and uncomfortable. This psychology triggers us to control every single thing to take under our control, for not getting any damage from them. It is a very normal human beeing reflex, to feel more secure and comfortable. But, if a person obsessively think about a single problem, person, case or event that he thinks he has to solve it immediately to have his life constant, he can not sleep so well. After a while, with these lack sleeping habbit, he might become more nervous, stressfull, and angery. This result affects both his own psychology and at the same time people's psychology that is close to him, in a negative way. 


If you would like to learn how we treat this insomnia disorder, thi sis how we treat it. First of all, we try to make you remember the trusting part of life, which had surprised you in a positive way, although you haven't even do anything to have it.  Also, trusting people that you forget to spend time with, and after getting these emotion which make you feel more strong and secure, we started to ask right questions to get the answer of 'what had happened to make you feel less secure, relax, comfortable. With those answers, you start to remember the weakness part of yourself, life and what made you feel weak and unsecure. With couple of therapy sessions, we provide you feel more comfortable, relax and secure. Because what we are doing is only trying to remember your strong parts and what makes you forget about that fact. 

If you would like to have psychotherapy support from us you can send an e-mail to esin@enatherapia.com, or ena@enatherapia.com or you can both send a message or dial our center number 0 507 447 47 27 - 0 212 279 22 02 

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