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Psychotherapy In English

If you are living in Turkey, and at the same time tring to find out a psychotherapist who knows english, you can ask an apointment from ENA Therapia Psychotherapy Center

No matter what language you speak or read, we have a brightfull capacity, to understand what you mean, or try to mean.

If you believe in yourself enough, about anthing, that you want to do; what language you speak or what country you got born and also what religion or culture you have, It is not an obstacle for us to give you what you need, in a professional psychological support. 

We are one of the most important and successfull Psychotherapy Center In Turkey, which is the member of both American Psychology Association and also Turkish Psychological Association. Our one of the most important goal and motivator source is, using psychodrama and art therapy in our sessions. Which means, no matter what you say or do, we can analyze and understand you 100 percent about what you try to say.

If you are living in Turkey as a foreigner, and trying  to organize a psychotherapy session appointment from a successfull, trustable psychotherapy center, you can try to contact with us. 

ENA Therapia Psychotherapy Center,

PS: If you prefer to send a text message to our cell phone, in order to learn anything about what you need, you can send your messages to our cell phone number; which is 0 (507) 447 47 27.


  • 0212 279 22 02
  • 0212 279 22 05
  • ena@enatherapia.com
  • Levent Mahallesi, Tekirler Sokak No: 18/1, 1. Levent / İstanbul

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